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As the number of vehicles is growing worldwide, day by day, so is the number of tyres.

Hundreds of millions of tyres reach the end of their useful life every year.

Their disposal and subsequent replacement represents a significant environmental problem both on a local and global scale.


Improve your contribution to a better future

More than 3.3m MT of End-of-Life tyres annually in Europe

33% “Energy Recovery”

Incinerated in power plants or cement mills

57% “Material Recovery”

Granulated and down-cycled, civil engineering purposes or cement content.

10% Dumped in landfills or unknown

15-38 litres of crude oil go into producing a car tyre

Natural decomposition time

More than 50 years for a standard car tyre

EU has banned tyres in landfills

Due to risk of heavy metals and other pollutants leaching of toxins in to the water table

Fire hazard and pollution risk

Illegally stored or dumped tyres pose a significant fire hazard and pollution risk to local communities

Waste to Value

Wastefront AS will use existing, certified technology to convert waste tyres into valuable resources through an up-cycling process for the use of new tyres and other products.

The company will utilise existing infrastructure and proximity to supply/demand centres to minimise our carbon footprint as well as logistics costs. 

Waste tyres

Pyrolysis and Chemical Catalysis

Residual Fuel Oil and Carbon Black

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